Using AI to Deliver
Extraordinary CX

At Live Smart Ai we combine decades of customer experience design with the greatest technological minds to create extraordinary human experiences and improve lives. Our leadership team of Disney Service veterans and Nationally renowned Ai innovators uniquely positions us to help people Live Smarter more efficient lives.

Live Smart Ai currently has 2 primary offerings in the hospitality and senior care spaces. Read more below.

Meet our founders and get an inside look at CX the Disney Way in our insightful podcast where we integrate the latest technology with foundational elements of corporate service culture design.

Introducing Live Smart Connect – Your All-in-One Hospitality Voice and Chatbot Solution! Our AI-driven platform, including Alexa Voice, Chatbot & SMS capabilities, seamlessly manages hospitality content across screens and voice experiences. Our Premier Support Team handles everything from 24-7 support to maintenance and updates, so your staff can focus entirely on providing exceptional guest experiences, saving time, and reducing staff requirements.
Additionally, our user-friendly interface for content management allows our content team to easily push content to websites and social media through video tutorials. Collaboratively prevent information gaps with our round-the-clock support. Moreover, our platform can seamlessly integrate with Property Management Systems (PMS), Smart Room technology, ticketing systems, food ordering, and much more, bringing all aspects of your operations together in a cohesive and efficient manner. Elevate your guest journey and streamline operations with Live Smart Connect.

Remote Senior Care (RSC) is a direct to consumer product geared towards extending the time seniors can stay in their home using a sophistical ecosystem of technology and people to keep them independent, safe, and happy.

RSC preserves your loved one’s independence while keeping them safe, stimulated and happy. Using the latest sophisticated yet easy to use technology, the one you’re caring for doesn’t need to have any technical abilities. You have control of everything with the assistance of the RSC Team, and your loved one has simple voice commands for reaching you to share a daily update or reaching help whenever needed, 24/7. Learn more at our RSC website or reach out to our care team at