The Disney Way For
The Digital Age – Podcast

Magical customer experiences don’t happen by accident, they happen through careful planning & meticulous design. Kevin Kelly and Debbie Zmorenski have been engineering extraordinary customer experiences for over 30 years … Join us as we explore corporate culture, branding, service excellence, and much more. Through storytelling, technical curiosity and friendly conversation, “The Disney Way for the Digital Age”.

E1: Introducing The Disney Way for the Digital Age Podcast

E2: Three Pillars Supporting Great Customer Experience

E3: Managing Chaos and Control – Right Fit Hire and Technology

E4: Demystifying Brand Identity and the Emotional Connection

E5: Foundations: How a Solid Service Framework Can Shape Your Culture

E6: Touchpoints: The Anatomy of Your Digital Ecosystem

E7: Innovate, Adapt, or Die

E8: Disney’s Secret Sauce, Our Special Guest – Mary Flynn

E9: Faster Than Normal Zombie Loyalists with Peter Shankman

E10: Operation Recap – Season 1 Review and a Dramatic Cliffhanger